About Us

When we mug up things, we treat ourselves as being inferior. We don't do this voluntarily. It manifests because of less time to cover vast subjects and not having enough time to understand concepts which matter. Hence in order to pass exams , we just end up doing what we don't want to do. Over time, when this behaviour is repeated, we lose our ability of critical thinking and we feel that may be we do not have that ability.

Though , it's not true at all. All of use have the same potential. We just need to have the right resources which guide us properly for understanding and applying wherever it matters most.


I am Dr. Richa Gupta, MD Physiology AIIMS , New Delhi

I have been teaching since since 15 years and have been looking at ways of making medicine easily understandable to students.

Owing to that, I am at the forefront of creating medical resources. I ensure that all my resources are crisp, to the point and help students gain knowledge which they will be able to retain and apply.

I understand Physiology is the soul for understanding Medicine. Hence I ensure you apply the concepts easily and make connections between different subjects.

--------Helping students across the years of Medical School-----